Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who is the World Salsa Federation and what is its purpose?

A) The WSF is a corporation with World Headquarters in Miami, Florida, and was legally formed in August 2001, and is the recognized World Governing Body for Salsa.  The WSF endorses breaking on one and two only as the standard for certifications and for syllabus competitions, with the exception of Salsa Showdance, Salsa Team, and Salsa Shine competitions which allows couples and singles to compete on any beat or style and allows lifts and drops (anything goes!)

World Salsa Federation, Inc. provides top-notch Certification for Teachers, Instructional DVD's and Videos, Achievement Awards for Amateurs, and with great customer support - a combination that can't be beat!

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The purpose of the WSF is to promote, encourage, publicize and facilitate the art of Salsa dancing including leisure and competitive style, by giving demonstrations, holding competitions and exhibitions, by organizing or sponsoring lectures, lessons and examinations, awarding certificates, prizes and scholarships and doing all such matters and things as will conduce to raising or improving the standard of Salsa dancing, including leisure and competitive styles, and by promoting uniformity of instruction in the basic and advanced steps of Salsa through a uniform Bronze, Silver, and Gold Syllabus. To encourage, foster and increase public interest in the art of Salsa dancing.  To formulate and secure international recognition and adoption of official international rules and Syllabus of Competitive Salsa dancing, and to encourage the promotion and proper conduct of competition, and the recognition of established championships.  To do all such things as are likely to promote and improve the standard of Salsa dancing.   To encourage the general public to obtain instruction only from qualified teachers, and to do all such things as are likely to promote and improve the standard of conduct to raising or maintaining the professional status and ethical standards of all persons engaged or seeking to be engaged in the teaching of Salsa dancing. 

Q) What is the difference between a Salsa Congress and a WSF event?

A) The major difference is that the WSF holds competitions as its main ingredient.  Competitions include all the lower levels in the syllabus as well as the championship divisions.  Workshops, parties, and performances are secondary while it is quite the opposite with a Congress. 

Q) Why and how did the WSF "standardize" Salsa?

A) The WSF decided to standardize Salsa in order to open new avenues for Salsa.  Before actually finalizing its syllabus, the WSF requested and purchased videos from the top exponents in Miami style, L.A. style, Colombian Style, Puerto Rican style, New York style, and Cuban style.  We then picked common steps in each and picked them apart to be able to teach every step in a detailed way.  Some steps we modified in order to make them more practical in leading and following.  The WSF syllabus is a conglomeration.  We are very proud that the largest amateur sporting organization in the United States has accepted the WSF syllabus as its standard for the AAU Junior Olympic Games.

Q) I have been teaching Salsa for over 10 years and have a large student following, why should I join the WSF and become a certified teacher?

A) In a word, CREDENTIALS.  There is almost no profession, especially a teaching profession, where the educator did not receive some sort of degree in their field.  Most State and Federal governments even require it.  Would you have someone fix your car without credentials?  Would you have someone perform surgery on you without credentials?  Of course not.  Being certified just shows that you have taken the time to study your field of expertise.  It is not the end but just the beginning.  Once you have graduated High School, it does not mean your learning is complete, nor does certifying mean your the best teacher either.  It just means your the type of teacher that continues your studies to give your students the best possible instruction possible