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Official International Rules and Syllabus of Competitive Salsa dancing in Spanish

The WSF is a corporation with World Headquarters in Miami, Florida, and was legally formed in August 2001, and is the recognized World Governing Body for Salsa Competition. 

The World Salsa Federation, Inc. was established to promote dance as an art and as a sport; to elevate the status of dancers as a respected member of the art and sport community; to professionalize dance as a whole through the introduction of syllabus and examinations; to foster the harmonious relations between all dance organizations and to develop world class caliber artists and dance sport athletes.

The World Salsa Federation, Inc. is envisioned to uphold dance teaching as a professional career through organizational control and institutional linkages, both local and international and to encourage excellence and the maintenance of high standards in the dance teaching profession through its membership.

Its mission is to develop the quality and standard of dance teaching as a profession in the World through the standardization of syllabus & curriculum, accreditation, proper monitoring, continuous research & development, trainings, competitions and other developmental endeavors in order to increase the number of world-class dance professionals in the World.

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To promote, encourage, publicize and facilitate the art of Salsa dancing including leisure and competitive style, by giving demonstrations, holding competitions and exhibitions, by organizing or sponsoring lectures, lessons and examinations, awarding certificates, prizes and scholarships and doing all such matters and things as will conduce to raising or improving the standard of Salsa dancing, including leisure and competitive styles, and by promoting uniformity of instruction in the basic and advanced steps of Salsa through a uniform Bronze, Silver, and Gold Syllabus.

To encourage, foster and increase public interest in the art of Salsa dancing.  To formulate and secure international recognition and adoption of official international rules and Syllabus of Competitive Salsa dancing, and to encourage the promotion and proper conduct of competition, and the recognition of established championships.  To do all such things as are likely to promote and improve the standard of Salsa dancing.   To encourage the general public to obtain instruction only from qualified teachers, and to do all such things as are likely to promote and improve the standard of conduct to raising or maintaining the professional status and ethical standards of all persons engaged or seeking to be engaged in the teaching of Salsa dancing.  To grant permission for approved National WSF member organizations to organize, world, continental and area/regional continental championships in Salsa that are controlled by the WSF, and such other titles as may from time to time be determined by the WSF.  To formulate rules to govern such championships and other titles in accordance with the rules of the WSF and/or other rules recognized by the WSF, which are not incompatible with these objects, and which shall include the governance of the conduct of member organizations and persons or bodies recognized by and/or is registered with the WSF.  To promote, facilitate and encourage exchanges of information on all matters pertaining to Salsa dancing.

To formulate promulgate and oversee a uniform method of judging and marking in all Salsa competitions and championships throughout the world.  To acquire the copyrights and other rights, licenses and privileges of any sort likely to be conducive to the objects of the WSF and to encourage, assist and employ persons to write, compose or invent dance steps, music, musical arrangements and scripts and remunerate such person or persons, and to print, publish or cause to be printed or published, books, pamphlets, newspapers, journals, circularize, instructional handbooks and/or video tapes, dances steps, dance arrangements, music and musical scores and arrangements and literature of any kind likely to further the objects of the WSF and its members; and to sell, distribute and deal with any matter so printed or recorded as the WSF may think fit and to grant licenses or rights in respect of any property of the WSF and to enter into agreements with  persons, firms or societies in connection with the same.  To secure the recognition of competitions and other events that  are recognized by the WSF.